hello! i'm naegi (๑꒪▿꒪)*

about o(≧∇≦o)

🍀 he // him

🍀 i don't mind nicknames (´∀`)
EX: "bro" "dude" "my guy"

🍀 i use a lot of the little emotes,, idk they're just cute and friendly
(if i use them and i'm talking to you and they bother you let me know!)

🍀 i love chatting!! sometimes i can be awkward though but i'll do my best to get a conversation rolling

🍀 i'm a boring person,,

🍀 i enjoy listening vocaloid and japanese indie rock

🍀 i'm pretty chill!!

my kins
because i cant figure out how to make a category for them

🌸 doubles are completely okay!! i love to meet other kins 🌸
makoto naegi (trigger happy havoc: drv1)
shuichi saihara (killing harmony: drv3)
rantaro amami (killing harmony: drv3)
len kagamine (vocaloid)

i really don't have a lot of kins but i'll probably add more because i can't think of much while i write this ('ヮ')

hajime hinata / izuru kamukura, nagito komaeda, mukuro ikusaba, byakuya togami, aoi asahina, kyoko kirigiri, kaede akamatsu, kiibo (k1b0), kokichi oma, komaru naegi

❌ DNI ❌

do not interact if you are here to spread negativity, i want to stay positive over here!!

❌ do not interact: ❌
❌ things that fall under basic DNI
❌ EX: transphobic, homophobic, p//do, if you're any of this scum get off my page.
❌if you're generally a nasty person

❌ that's about it, but i may add more later ❌